Reading Plan

Growing together.

Our church is beginning a journey, reading the Bible in 2024! Together we will use Biblica's "Reading Through the Bible in a Year" study, commencing on January 1. This plan is designed to guide our church through the entirety of the Bible, and help us foster a deeper understanding of the Word of God. By dedicating ourselves to this year-long commitment, we are aiming to know God and His Word better, strengthen our faith, and cultivate a shared experience of spiritual growth.
We can't wait to begin this journey with you!

Angi's Story

Angi decided to read through the Bible last year, and it was an incredible experience! Listen to hear how God used this commitment in her life, and how she plans to read through it again as a church in 2024!

Ways You Can Study

App Version

Printed Version

You can use the Biblica plan on the Bible App to read/listen to the passages of scripture and keep track of days completed.
You can use the plan printed for our church every month or visit the link below on the Biblica website to access the yearly plan.

Have Questions?

Andrew Hale
Lead Pastor