Stories of life Change

Bobby & Joann

Bobby & Joann were in serving in ministry for a number of years. Now, they are making Redemption City Church a part of their Legacy!


Stefanie lost her husband, and God used that tragedy in an incredible way. Check out her story of life change!

Alex & Julia

Alex & Julia's story of life change is incredible! See their journey in trusting God with their family and finances.

Bryan & Victoria

Bryan & Victoria came to Redemption City Church in a unique way, and are leaving a Legacy through their family and all the people they invite!

James & Sally

James & Sally grew up in church, but made a commitment about a year ago to get serious about their faith, serving, and giving. Check out their story of life change.


Dave is a retired Marine veteran who was injured in the line of duty. Dave's life completely changed, and his story of life change is absolutely incredible!

Adam & Nicole

Adam & Nicole thought they knew God, but soon realized they didn't have a relationship with Jesus. Check out their story of life change!

Katlynn & Quinton

Quinton and Katlynn recently started attending Redemption City and immediately felt at home. Their story of life change is so exciting!


Felix recently lost his wife, Ruth. He has grown so much and is looking forward to helping others. Check out his story of life change!

Bill & Rocio

Bill & Rocio's story is so unique! Rocio was in a convent for a number of years, and they have grown so much in their relationship with Jesus. They have a story you don't want to miss!